The Scarbrough siblings are releasing a new video Friday, Feb. 4, for The Footlight District's battle cry "War Paint." // Courtesy of The Footlight District

Premiere: The Footlight District calls for action with new video

Revisiting a song they released last fall, The Footlight District doubles down on its powerful message.

Last fall, The Footlight District — comprised of the five Scarbrough siblings — released “War Paint,” a rhythm-heavy, Southern rock-influenced battle cry for change.

“The song is really about how you can make a difference by sticking to your guns and doing the right thing, no matter the adversity you face, no matter what everyone else says,” Faith, the band’s guitarist, said. “It’s really about being kind and inclusive and really showing love to everyone.”

This week, the band follows up that song with a music video, a release that channels the District’s raucous stage energy while also showcasing the lessons embodied in the tune.

All five of the now-Chicago-based sibs — Sarah, Gracie, Faith, Hannah and Cecil, plus a few special young guests — are featured in the new video.

“I feel like music is one of those amazing things that everyone can hear something in,” Faith continued. “You can use music to change people, show them love or kindness, and really bring people together on the things that we all agree on versus just arguing about the things that we don’t, you know? Instead of just feeling like ‘Hey, I disagree with you on that,’ coming together on things that we do agree on and going from there.”

Watch the new video at noon Friday on YouTube.

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