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Premiere: Violet Crime turns the tables on ‘Bad Habits’ with new video

Violet Crime’s new soul-pop single and video explore our patterns and proclivities and how we can be better.

Maybe it’s being work-obsessed. Maybe it’s addiction to social media. Maybe it’s leaning too much on vices. 

Bad habits. Everyone has them. 

Geneva native Jeff Mills said his downtime during the pandemic gave him a chance to reflect and re-evaluate, leading to Violet Crime’s new single “Bad Habits.” 

“When the world collapsed in April of 2020, I think we all had to take a look at ourselves, and any weakness that anyone had was amplified. At least that’s what happened to me,” he said. “I became very aware of things, like I’m not walking to the train every day and suddenly I’m gaining weight. I’m more aware of how unproductive I can be and how unkind to my body and mind.” 

The lighthearted soul-pop single, which is out on streaming Friday, addresses personal flaws and how examining them can lead to change. 

Sounds heavy, right? 

The video, which premieres this morning, is anything but. The Violet Crime crew — Mills, Selina Doran, Kasey Gandham, Tom Goier of Geneva and Kevin Nagel of Mundelein — has a little fun alongside broccoli-hating kids and adults with bad communication skills in the mini-story shot and directed by Philip Goode, with art direction from Jessica Tenuta. Flashes of wisdom “courtesy of moms everywhere” illuminate the scenes throughout the bright, candy-colored video. 

In its fun, the “Bad Habits” video shows that it’s not torture to strive to become better. 

“We didn’t want it all to be really heavy,” Doran added. “We wanted it to be light things, too. Like making your bed or biting your nails or something to show that we all have something going on.”

“It wasn’t really directly supposed to be pandemic-inspired,” Mills said, “but from a songwriting perspective, now that I think about it everything I talked about I probably wouldn’t have thought about had I not been going through that time.”

• See Violet Crime when the band plays with Grace Coletta Friday, Nov. 19, at Golden Dagger, 2447 N. Halsted St., Chicago. $15 at

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