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Discoveries of 2020: Wyatt Waddell – James VanOsdol

Radio and podcast host James VanOsdol gives us a glimpse at Wyatt Waddell: “He’s offering hope for a better future for us all.”

Editor’s note: In this crazy year devoid of local shows, discovering new favorites hasn’t been easy. We asked a few friends, colleagues and scene contributors for some of the Chicago-area bands who cut through the noise and truly won them over in 2020. Today, legendary celebrant of Chicago music James VanOsdol, host of the Car Con Carne podcast and DEMO 312 on 101-WKQX, shares one of his discoveries from this year.

“It is the artist’s job to reflect the times that they live in. I knew that was something I always wanted to do, but I had to grow into that role” – Wyatt Waddell, on his song “FIGHT!”

In a year marked by necessary and ongoing conversations about racism, injustice and inequality, Chicago singer/songwriter Wyatt Waddell’s timely song “FIGHT!” was the right song at the right time.

Waddell wrote the song in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, but the tone of “FIGHT” isn’t bleak or despairing. Instead, with hints of gospel, New Orleans R&B and 70s funk, the song aims right for the soul, offering an inclusive and uplifting vibe.

Make no mistake, Waddell acknowledges toxic racism and the horrific events of 2020’s unrelenting news cycle in “FIGHT!” However, as he leads the chorus of “there’s already been so much pain,” he’s offering hope for a better future for us all.

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