“Holiday” by Kevin Pollack

Kevin Pollack takes fans on a ‘Holiday’ with new video

The weather’s cooling off, but Kevin Pollack has a lakefront party invitation just for you.

Glenview’s Kevin Pollack is a man of many talents. Put him on stage, and he can act. Give him a mic, and the man’s off singing and dancing. A staple of the Chicago theater scene and long-time star as Jake in the Blues Brothers tribute act The Blooze Brothers, Pollack has also been making a name for himself in musical circles with his NuTown style, melding modern pop energy with classic Motown influences. 

Following up last year’s “Man About Town” video, Pollack released the single “Holiday” earlier this year, in which he continues his love story with his wife. Today, he released the video for that number, a fun story that traces its way through Chicago and ends with a lakefront celebration. 

Pollack answered a few questions for us about the video, the song and what’s coming up next. 

Your song “Holiday,” which was released earlier this year, was inspired by a trip to London with your wife. Tell us how that translated into the song? 

While we were in London, a lot of people asked us if we were on “holiday,” and I was confused. Then I figured out, “holiday” in Europe meant vacation. I thought that would be a cool concept for a song about going on vacation. I knew Madonna and Green Day already recorded a song called “Holiday,” but I thought I would make it my own. The chorus was constantly repeating in my head wherever we went while there. Then, on the flight back home, none of the media worked, so it gave me a ton of time to write the song. Then, I got together with my co-writers and arrangers Michael Flynn and Derrick Procell, and the song came to life.

What was your thought process behind the video? 

When I brought on director Deric Gochenauer, we talked about how we can create a “paradise” during a pandemic. I knew that my friend Chuck Little, my Blooze brother, had a backyard in Rockford that looks over a beautiful lake, so I asked him if we could film in his backyard and he and his neighbors were more than gracious. Art Fong, his neighbor, let us use his pontoon boat for a party on the lake, Chuck had some wave runners, and we invited a bunch of friends to participate. Some of my friends were in my “Man About Town” music video so I thought I’d continue using them. This video serves as the second installment in a three-part series of music videos, following a developing romantic relationship.

The storyline of the video is intercut with a performance you did at Ravinia with your full band earlier this summer. What was it like for you playing on the Ravinia stage?

It was a dream come true. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play the main stage at Ravinia? so I was really honored when Nick Pullia asked me to be a part of Ravinia’s new online TV show, RaviniaTV. He later invited me back with The Blooze Brothers.

What else do you have coming up or in the works?

Well, a lot is going on. From December 5-25, I’m co-producing the New Works Virtual Festival, a benefit for The Actors Fund. We’ll be presenting 20 new original works in 20 days. I’ll also be releasing my new EP, The Other Side on Christmas Day.

Find more about Kevin and his many projects, including his Zooming the Movies, on Facebook and Instagram.

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