Playlist: Chicago Sound Check 2020.v7

Explore this month’s Spotify playlist for our favorite recent releases from the Chicago and suburban scenes.

Featuring: The Rest, SOK, Fluorescents, Flowers for Dorian, Static in Verona, Allison., The Roalde Dahls, Bethany Thomas, Stellar West, Ballroom Boxer, Foresight, Card Club, Gazebo Effect, 8-bit crEEps, Knuckle Puck, Hollyy, Moore, Gift of Gab, JAMS the Flava Child, Capital Soiree, Phillip-Michael Scales, The Early Sixes, Jonfin, The Little Birds, RubyGld Smoke, tiger lili, Superkick, Laura Jean Anderson, Each Day, Goof, Sink Slow, Scott Hildebrand, Matt B, David Forman Project, Johnny Iguana, Trms, Mike Silvestri, Bentley Dean, Buster Grand, Matt Derda & the High Watts, Michael C. Hayes, Dan Asio, Electric Villain, Dog Spelled Backwards, Piece of Cake, Brad Redlich, Guardrail, Polarizer, INZO, Blookah, Align, The Steak House Mints, Damaged Phoenix, Void the Light, Soul Honey Records, Young Detectives, Radar, Cartoon Graveyard, Model Stranger and Wilmette

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