Chicago Sound Check vol. 5

Playlist: Chicago Sound Check 2020.v5

Hit PLAY on this Spotify playlist of some of our favorite recent releases out of Chicago and the suburbs.

Featuring: Da$Htone (w/Alma Cook and Ethan Butler), Silver Liz, Ember Oceans, Save the Rhinos, Sunday Cruise, Fall Classic, Flowers for Dorian, Deanie Boy, Kowloon Bay, Eugeine Grey and the Bad Habits, Dog Spelled Backwards, Gazebo Effect, Mock Nine, Blond Tides, OK Cool, Western Automatic, Social Que, Alex Bracy, State and Madison, Sammy Cannillo, Matt Donnelly, Olivia Love, Tiny Kingdoms, Lights Over Bridgeport, When the Sun Sets, Double Identity, Austin Fillmore, Thamatic, Secret Bad Boy, Like Language, August Hotel, Joyful., Jeff Schaller and the Long Way Home, Nicole Amine, Ethan Bell Band, Flowtone and Jake Stopar

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