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Premiere: Tiny Kingdoms leaves bad habits behind with new single, ‘Daydream’

Grab ahold of some summer vibes with Tiny Kingdoms’ new single “Daydream”

We may be a month early, but alternative rock band Tiny Kingdoms just rolled out summer’s first big anthem. The spirited single “Daydream” just dropped Friday morning, and it’s exactly what we need to usher in some lighter spirits.

The band, which hails from the Northwest suburbs and DuPage areas, is consistent in tying pop-punk themes and often poppy vibes into its rock sound, but today’s release is a high point, even for a talented band like this. 

With bright guitarwork introducing an insanely catchy melody — my first thought hearing the song was “Damn, this would be fun to play in Rock Band! (If we were still playing Rock Band.)” — before Nico Muira jumps in with some clever wordplay that belies a heavier topic. 

Focusing on self-examination, Muira ruminates through “Daydream” on how to leave something bad behind instead of repeatedly returning to it. 

“It’s about recognizing something habitual in your life that’s having a negative effect on you,” he said, “and trying to figure out how to pull out of it and overcome it. Essentially kind of understanding where you went wrong.” 

Recorded in January before the quarantine and lockdown started affecting any of us around the Chicago area, the band — including Jake Newling and Nick Collis of Lombard/Villa Park and Schaumburg’s Ryan Mitchell playing guitar — wasn’t shooting for a summer hit. 

“It sort of happened, at least on my end, toward the end of writing it,” Muira said. “That’s when it started heading in that direction.”

“That’s why we chose the artwork that we did,” Newling said. “Just because it’s kind of these warm-vibe lyrics that aren’t necessarily positive.” 

“It’s not like this is a happy summer song,” Muira added. “But it’s just that warm kind of low-key vibe.”

With plans for a summer tour falling through and an April BrauerHouse show with Lucky Boys Confusion rescheduled for later in the summer, Tiny Kingdoms has had to turn to virtual means to further their work on upcoming music. But now that warmer weather is creeping in, they already have a great song (and a lyric video by Alex Zarek) to blast on repeat with the tops off your Jeeps or your windows down while you’re out running essential errands. 

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