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South-side pop-rock band Til Morning released its new single and video, “Okay,” today. — Courtesy of Alfonso Monroy

Premiere: Til Morning channels relationship truths in ‘Okay’ single, video

Gritty, relatable charm weaves itself through Til Morning’s new punk-infused pop-rock cry to hold on, “Okay.”

The Parker brothers have done it again with the new video for Til Morning’s latest single, “Okay.” 

The band’s 2018 debut single, “Never Growing Old,” (back when they went by the name Parker) showed they were ready to bring raw but upbeat nostalgia to the table with a song that made one remember the sunshine days of the past without maudlin longing. 

With the new release, brothers Devin and Patrick Parker, along with Danny Wrenn and new member Mickey Molinari, tap into the internal struggle of a man convincing himself to believe in a relationship, even once it starts to go wrong. 

“Okay” was written two years ago, according to Devin, Til Morning’s frontman, after a period of uncertainty in a relationship. 

“During that time, in my head I’m like just focus on the little things and don’t ruin this right now,” Devin said. “Probably like three or four months after we broke up, I was going through my nightstand drawer. She left her perfume in there. I sprayed it and I just got, like, sadness kind of ran through me. I thought of the song, and I went over to the piano and wrote it in like 20 minutes.”

The rush of emotion that inspired “Okay” is part of the signature style of Til Morning. Gritty, relatable charm weaves through the band’s entire catalog as they turn out punk-infused pop-rock songs immersed in the truths of real life without forcing situations or heart into them.

The video — shot by Bryan Buchelt of Snaproll Studios — shares those themes as it zooms in on high-energy band performance clips intercut with a heartbreaking storyline featuring Devin and Hi Ho vocalist Gillian McGhee. 

“We try to channel emotional times when they come,” Devin said. “When the wave comes we just go for it. And then we don’t mess with it.” 

“Okay,” which Til Morning recorded with Chicago-based producer Sean O’Keefe after pre-production with Adam Krier, finds its appeal in channeling refreshing honesty. 

“I think that’s what makes us different from a lot of other bands we’ve been in,” Devin said. “We could say ‘Hey, let’s write a song about nostalgia,’ but it wouldn’t come out as true and there wouldn’t be as much heart in there as what is truly in our music.” 

Just a few months shy of its two-year anniversary, Til Morning has some new songs in the works, with another single coming up soon. And watch for a full-length from the band next year. 

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