Chicago-based Fluorescents premieres the new video for its catchy new pop-punk single, “Dormancy.” - Courtesy of Alex Zarek

Premiere: Fluorescents’ ‘Dormancy’ video showcases a band ready to bust out

Pop-punk band Fluorescents transitions to a new season of growth with its fresh “Dormancy” video.

A period of dormancy, waiting for growth. Chicago post-pop-punk band Fluorescents captured that spirit with the recently released “Dormancy,” the catchy first single from a new cycle of songs the band plans to release this year. 

But when Tyler Milka, Bobby Guidi, Sasquel Exum and Alex Klump were shooting the video in a snowy backyard earlier this year, they didn’t imagine we’d all be locked in a state of quarantined dormancy, waiting for the next phase. 

Courtesy of Rob Haberman

“It’s a big metaphor,” said Milka, Fluorescents’ frontman and the writer of the single for the video. “With ‘Dormancy’ I was feeling personally like you’re no longer in real life. You’re trying to accomplish more, and then you have a moment of realization. … Feeling forlorn because you haven’t been living up to your potential.” 

The video, directed, shot and edited by Alex Zarek, cuts between high-energy performance shots in the backyard of their friends in The Footlight District and the band playing indoors, all while a vase of flowers rotates on display in and out of view. 

Courtesy of Rob Haberman

“I think maybe because I work with plants,” Milka said of his job landscaping when he’s not immersed in music, “I just like to find metaphors in plants and seasons and how it’s always affected me in a way.”

Last week’s release of the “Dormancy” single and today’s video premiere are the start of a new cycle for the Chicago-based band. Roughly three years into its run, the band is showing signs of major growth. They started transitioning from smaller shows to larger venues, recently toured to Michigan and booked gigs with some big-name bands on the music scene. 

Courtesy of Rob Haberman

According to Milka, headlining Subterranean’s holiday show on the upstairs stage the weekend before Christmas was definitely a high point. 

“It was so much fun,” Milka said. “It almost sold out. … So yeah, that was super exciting and definitely kind of a humbling moment. A year ago, we couldn’t have gone out there like that.”

Courtesy of Rob Haberman

Shows being postponed and new music put on hold temporarily are only a minor speed bump for Fluorescents. Once we all get past this quarantine-inspired dormancy, they’ll maintain the momentum they’ve been picking up lately. 

“We’re all gonna get through it, and we’re gonna somehow come out of it with a little bit more perspective,” Milka said. “It’s kind of hard because before all this happened I had my personal battles, and now I kind of look at it like it’s taken a whole different meaning. After all this has happened, like spending quiet time and being introspective, I’m just looking at everything else going on in the world, and it makes it easier to look at the bigger picture, I think.”

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