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The Million Reasons’ new video, “If Not for the Fire,” is a solid introduction to the band’s tweaked sound and new frontman Taylor Brennan. - Courtesy of Lexi Nichols

Premiere: The Million Reasons ignites the spark within in ‘If Not for the Fire’ video

As Taylor Brennan, new frontman for The Million Reasons, agonizes over his quest to find the perfect words, the band’s video for “If Not for the Fire” affords a peek into the writing process.

Eyes drifting across graveyards of scratched-out phrases, sheets of lyrical poetry, torn-out notebook pages. The frustration, the progress and finally the relief of a puzzled-out riddle. “Recognizing what makes you feel alive and going after it with ferocity,” according to his notes. 

The video, shot by Philip Goode and premiering today, is a perfect introduction to Brennan, who wrote the lyrics as he joined Colin Dill, Jason Cillo, Mike Nichols and Ken Ugel in the Chicago rock band last September. His friendship with drummer Dill made for a smooth transition when the need for a new vocalist arose. 

“We had already seen him perform with a band that we all really liked,” Cillo, The Million Reasons’ bassist, said. “And with Colin vouching for him and being his friend, having someone right on deck was awesome. It was a very lucky circumstance.” 

“Melding his sophisticated songwriting into our fast-paced rock ’n’ roll has really brought our songs to life,” Dill added. 

“If Not for the Fire,” which at the moment is only available through the video, is part of an upcoming EP The Million Reasons plans to drop Friday, Feb. 21, with a Martyrs’ show that evening. It throws open the door on some new musical exploration for the band. It’s still The Million Reasons, but it’s The Million Reasons-plus. 

“The style still is centered on classic rock, a little bit of prog-rock, but the breadth of it increased,” Cillo said. “There’s a larger variation of styles. All the songs on ‘The Runaround’ were awesome, but they were a little more together in terms of style. Now we’re branching out and trying different corners of the rock genre.”

The upcoming EP will include “If Not for the Fire,” two songs leaning more into heavier prog-rock and a “quintessential rock ballad,” Dill said. “We’re looking forward to putting it all together because it all flows really well.”

With a new lyricist and additional instrumentation including cello and keyboards, the members of The Million Reasons are excited about the new possibilities.

“We know our roots,” Cillo said. “They’re still there, but we’re just trying to go a little further with this one.”

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