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Tiny Kingdoms dropped the new two-song "Rose Gold/Coasting" EP and a video Friday. - Courtesy of Alex Zarek

Premiere: Tiny Kingdoms seeks a change with new ‘Rose Gold/Coasting’ EP, video

“I wanted to give something a little different,” Nico Muira said of Tiny Kingdoms’ new two-song EP, out today.

Attending shows on the Chicago and suburban music scenes, Tiny Kingdoms’ Nico Muira often enjoyed the gigs where fans were really moving on the dance floor. 

“We have songs people can interact with and move to,” the Palatine-Schaumburg-area guitarist and lead vocalist said. “But I wanted something that was more dancy and fun and sexy.” 

Enter “Rose Gold,” one of two of the alternative band’s newest songs premiering today on the “Rose Gold/Coasting” EP. With its driving beat, energetic indie instrumentation and a tough, independent protagonist, it’s a song that’s going to get feet moving on the dance floor. 

“I wanted to give something a little different,” Muira said. “Hey, this isn’t something you’ve heard from us before, but we can do it. And it’s still Tiny Kingdoms.” 

The full band — with the Lombard/Villa Park area’s Jake Newling on drums and Nick Collis on bass, and Schaumburg’s Ryan Mitchell playing guitar — stars in the video, produced by Alex Zarek, which features the band performing the song. 

“We’re experimenting with new sounds, new things, but not getting too carried away,” Muira said. “Staying pretty anchored to what we’ve been in the past, but trying to move forward as well.” 

The other single on the release, “Coasting,” addresses this directly. Inspired by feelings of monotony, Muira and Tiny Kingdoms turned out an introspection on tedium. 

“In 2019, every day was the same as every other day,” he said. “It was frustrating because I didn’t feel like I was making any progression. I was just living life, like here it is. When is it going to change?”

Building the song around a little falsetto phrase that had been running through Muira’s head — “It’d just be me driving in silence, singing that and thinking ‘OK, that’s weird.’ It’s the thoughts I was having when I was driving.” — he found a way to find that release musically. 

“It’s hard to recognize how far you’ve come when you’re not yet at the place you want to be,” he said. 

The two-song EP is now available for purchase and streaming. 

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