Premiere: Relationships are learning experiences in two new Camp Edwards singles, video

The two newest singles from Downers Grove’s Camp Edwards continue where last November’s “Beloit” EP left off. 

“One Waltz With Lu” and “Happy BIrthday,” both out today along with a premiere of the “One Waltz With Lu” video (directed by Gerry Kenya), hark back to Jameson Ghalioungui’s time at Beloit College. 

“The new songs are still relating to past experiences in college,” Ghalioungui, the primary writer of these songs who also recorded, mixed and mastered them, said. “They’re about failed or misunderstood relationships with people. You don’t know what it is, don’t know what to call it.”

“One Waltz With Lu,” with its chill vibe reminiscent of last fall’s “Waiting,” takes a more pensive approach. 

“It’s a pseudo-love song. Not really admitting affection, just kinda being loose with it,” he said. 

“Happy Birthday,” a live staple for Camp Edwards previously unreleased as a recording, is more of an aggressive tune, a tale of love and betrayal. 

“We’re trying out two different styles. I don’t like to lock into one particular genre. It’s all rock music,” Ghalioungui said. “People can be in the mood and pick the song they want to play.”

Camp Edwards — Ghalioungui, his brother Marshall, Johnny Niebauer and Charlie Michka — are aiming to put out a release every month until summer, when they expect to drop a collection of new songs.

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