Kevin Pollack's new single "Holiday"

Local premiere: Vacation leads to a new ‘Holiday’ for Kevin Pollack

Chicago’s Kevin Pollack, the man about town with his hands in singing, songwriting, acting, talent buying and even a little festival throwing, is going on a little “Holiday.” 

Pollack’s new single, which premiered yesterday, takes listeners on a voyage with his Motown-inspired sound. Part rom-com beach party, part soulful pop, “Holiday” is all Kevin Pollack. He laces his modern-day NuTown style with a retro energy for a song that is all breezy vibes, fleeting dance steps and joyful pop.

“I say if you took Earth Wind & Fire, Chicago and Lionel Richie and put them in a blender and added my own twist, this is the cocktail you would get,” he said.

The song, written while Pollack and his wife were on vacation in London, was inspired by a minor cultural difference. 

“People kept asking if we were on holiday,” he said, thinking they were referencing our upcoming December holidays. “And they’d say, ‘No, like you’re on vacation,’ and then it clicked why Madonna and Green Day wrote a song about being on holiday.” 

The line those exchanges sparked eventually became the chorus for the song, partially written on the 10-hour flight back. “Holiday,” Pollack’s first foray into truly co-writing a song with other people, then got a treatment from Michael Flynn, Dan Moulder and Derrick Procell, core members of his musical circle. 

“They all added their own flair to it,” he said. “We wanted it to be a gigantic party,” he added. In fact, plans are already underway to film a video — featuring a gigantic beach party — for an early summer release. 

Along with working with the same team that created the video for “Man About Town,” Pollack is also co-writing and co-producing a full-length LP with Billboard-charting artist Frankie Moreno to be released on his Bermuda Records label this summer. 

Catch Kevin Pollack as he performs with the Blooze Brothers Saturday, Jan. 4, at the Raue Center, 26 N Williams St, Crystal Lake. $20-$30 at (815) 356-9212 or

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