The Weekend Run Club is nearing the finish line on a new album, out soon. - Courtesy of Brian Shamie

Premiere: Weekend Run Club plays silly in new ‘Play Nice’ video

If you’ve been to any Weekend Run Club shows recently, you’ve no doubt seen Samuel. 

The stuffed deer — the star of the indie rock band’s new video, “Play Nice,” premiering today — has made appearances as an Easter egg of sorts on stage.

“We’re silly people. That’s just who we are,” Bridget Stiebris, drummer for and manager of the band, said. “We got this weird little doll on Amazon and built the concept around it. Or maybe we got the doll because we had the idea. … Mitchell would tie him on mic stands and stuff. They love that doll.”

The song “Play Nice” — which crackles with The Weekend Run Club’s signature blend of powerful rock riffs, bright indie-pop beats and rich, relatable vocals — revolves around the band’s frontman Mitchell Kinn, who wrote the lyrics about his first romantic relationship. A “total disaster,” as he calls it. 

“It’s incredibly one-sided so it really portrays a nice caricature of the classic, toxic and unhealthy relationship between two very emotional people that don’t know how to communicate,” Kinn said. “With time, I was able to realize that I’m less of a victim of my ex; I’m more of a victim of myself.” 

“I tried to make the lyrics as relatable as possible,” he said, “because at the end of the day, so many of us just want love, some of us so badly that we’d go to unhealthy lengths just to get a fraction of it. The song reminds me that bargaining can so easily lead to madness.” 

“You can’t seem to get away from them because you want to be near them, but they’re not good for you,” Stiebris said. “So it’s very much a push-and-pull kind of a thing. We decided to translate that into something a bit less serious because that’s who we are.”

The video, shot and produced by Alex Zarek and featuring the entire band — Stiebris, Kinn, Haley Blomquist on bass, and Christopher Bryant and Joey Resko on guitars — follows the love-hate relationship between band members and the doll. “At first, we’re creeped out by it,” Stiebris said, “but then we come to terms with it and eventually embrace it.” 

The Weekend Run Club premieres “Play Nice” on the one-year anniversary of the release of the band’s debut EP, “Okay For You,” which contained the hit single from earlier that summer, “Holliday.”

“We thought it was a nice way to close the book on that era,” Stiebris said. The band is currently writing and demoing new songs to get ready for recording later this year. Anticipate some new Weekend Run Club tunes in early 2020, but be patient. 

“We want to make the best record we can,” Stiebris said, “and we want to have a blast doing it.”

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