Premiere: Fairview turns the tables on love clichés with new ‘Loving You Hurts’ video

The long-term relationship between Lizzy Zyburt and Matt Richardson of Addison pop duo Fairview has clearly informed the band’s music, but with the new single “Loving You Hurts,” the two decided to take a different angle.

“We write a lot of love songs,” Richardson said. “We’re in a relationship and things are going good. So for this we wrote a story out of thin air.”

Richardson and Zyburt, who have been playing together for nearly eight years in different incarnations of the band, recently established Fairview as a solid performance duo on the Chicago music scene, leading to new avenues.

“It’s been a long time,” Zyburt said, “but it’s new at the same time.”

Writing and recording with Tom Higgenson, founder of the Humans Were Here label and lead singer of the Plain White T’s, and music producer Dan Monahan, they attacked the recently released number with a slightly more cynical mindset.

“We try to incorporate positive things that get spun into almost negatives,” Zyburt said. “We say ‘Take my breath away with every kiss … now I can’t breathe.’ Like taking these cool little puns and making them about heartbreak.”

The fun, poppy track, released Friday, gets a lyric video treatment, courtesy of Zyburt, premiering today.

Basing it on Polaroid photos and a concept the band came up with during a recent promotional shoot, she took pictures that told the story of the video.

“I was trying to do something that plays off that same aesthetic,” she said. “We recreated the song via Polaroids.”

Fairview’s new single is the first of a string of songs the band is planning to release over the next few months. Check it out here.

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