SoundCheck2019.v06 - Trickshooter Social Club

Chicago Sound Check 2019v6: Trickshooter Social Club

Featuring: Trickshooter Social Club, Box House, The Mizzerables, Bury Me in Lights, Ax and the Hatchetmen, Brother Ryan, Each Day, Adem Dalipi, Lumé, Revolt Coda, Case, Violet Crime, Observing With Annie, Phillip-Michael Scales, The Darling Suns, Sneezy, Noah Childs, Long Gone, Wilmette, When the Sun Sets, The Million Reasons, Gazebo Effect, Kowloon Bay, The Joy Thieves, The Linden Method, Blacklist Regulars, New Nights, Dead Original, GoodSex, Nehemiah Heckler, Emily Blue, Larry Anthony, Shiny Penny, The North and Wells Band, ROM, Vinyl Pop, Sir Mango, Co-Stanza, The Lazarus Rocket, Chnnll, State and Madison, Owen and the Ghosts and Nick Urban

Featured artist: Trickshooter Social Club is making some fancy moves with new rock album, upcoming shows