Chicago Sound Check 2019v5: The Darling Suns

Featuring: The Darling Suns, Alex Bracy, Righteous Hillbillies, Frequilibrium, Leah Shoshanah, Each Day, Jeff Brown, Stephen Kuc, jonfin, State and Madison, Blacklist Regulars, Thrift Store Halo, Double Ontendre, Witches, Ember Oceans, Marina City, James Kahil, Nehemiah Heckler, Align, DJ NoDJ, Align Orion, Violet Crime, Captain Coopersmith, Chelusier, Sloth Hands, Austin Fillmore, Jury of Fears, The Giving Moon, Top Shelf Lickers, Take the Reins, Caitlin Edwards, Andrew Robert Palmer

Featured artist: The Darling Suns showcase a darker vibe, new music at Underbelly Hours show