2017 Chicago Sound Check

Featuring: AM Taxi, Lucky Boys Confusion, Above Waves, The Fold, Marina City, Friday Pilots Club, Owens Room, OUTDrejas, Blacklist Regulars, Revolt Coda, Dear Dario, 7 Corners, Fools’ Brew, El Famous, 7 Minutes in Heaven, Ember Oceans, Spinmont, Ballroom Boxer, She Rides Tigers, Werewolves at Hour 30, The Kings Rising, Gallery-81, Over the Sun, Turnspit, Red Ransom, Rebel Soul Revival, Neon Creek, Downers Groove, The North 41, Vesper, On Division, Suburbia Story, Charlie Curtis-Beard, Textures of Lions, Dog & Wolf, The Run Around, Aaron Williams Band, Fletcher Rockwell, Showoff, Sleep On It, Knockout Kid, V is for Villains, Killing Gods, Fredo Disco, David Paige, Kevin Andrew Prchal, Dennis Caravello, Brian Allison, Julianne Q, Red Light Compliance, Company of Thieves, Suspicious Fires, 13-Monsters, Skyd and Braintenna

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