Local rockers Revolt Coda heading into the spotlight

Revolt Coda is poised to storm the Chicago scene. With a solid rock sensibility permeating well-constructed melodies and an energetic stage show, the band has the tools it needs to get people to take notice.

Revolt Coda headlines Shoeshine Boy Productions’ 17th anniversary party at Cubby Bear Saturday, April 22, along with local artists Workout Music, Out for Hours, Passing Ships and Milwaukee’s Eagle Trace. We had a chance to chat with former Naperville resident Zac Conforti, Revolt Coda’s lead singer.

Q. What’s the history behind Revolt Coda?

A. Revolt Coda started in 2011 when Santino (Carbonaro) and I began playing music together while attending Tribeca Flashpoint. We went on for about two years before we began playing shows. We developed an incredible chemistry playing music together and we’ve never really looked back. We feel that what we have is extremely special and along the way we added Dallas (Moreland) and Sal (Rizzo) to the mix. I’ve personally been playing guitar since I was 11 years old. Didn’t really think I had the vocals in me until much later in life. That all developed with practicing with the guys so much.

Q. Revolt Coda songs have a lot of depth to them. What’s your writing process?

A. The writing happens in many different ways, but most of the time, one of us will come to rehearsal with either an idea, or a full song written, and then we just jam on it and see where we can take it, and what we can collectively come up with as a group. I write a lot of the songs but the guys will either help me finish them or perfect them. It’s never just one guy.

Q. It’s hard to fit your songs into one particular mold. How did you come by that sound? Who are some of your strongest influences?

A. Oh, man, we love so much different music. Starting with the classics: Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and last, but not least, Stevie Ray Vaughn. But it’s not only rock ‘n’ roll, by any means. Dallas loves it all but is super into old-school country and hard rock like Johnny Cash and Pantera. Santino loves everything; huge Metallica guy, but he loves hip hop and funk, like Biggie and Griz. Sal loves it all but is really into grunge and punk like Nirvana, Green Day and blink-182. I’m really into the jammy and psychedelic stuff like Portugal. The Man, Tame Impala, Jack White. We all have a hundred influences and it’s impossible to list them all. We love it all as long it’s done well.

Q. Who are some of your local favorites?

A. White Mystery is a local favorite of ours. We are good buddies with the guys from The North 41, Workout Music, Animal Factory, Splor, Bubbles Erotica and Killing gods. We all have huge releases coming!

Q. You recently played a showcase down at SXSW. How was that?

A. SXSW was great! We got to meet a lot of cool people and we actually won a recording contract with Rock Rage Radio. So we’ll be having an independent release as well as a release with them in the next year. We fell in love with the Black Angels, who are from ATX. But we played a few shows and they went very well. I’ll tell you this, they were so nice to us we are going back next year.

Q. What’s the plan for the new album? When’s the expected release?

A. We are recording an EP independently right now, which will have eight new tracks, but we are also doing the songs with Rock Rage Radio, so we’re very excited to release all these new songs. We are also going to be releasing our first official music videos to accompany two of the new songs.

Here’s a look at the other bands sharing the bill at the Cubby Bear:

Workout Music

Members: Tim Muldoon, Sarah Wagoner, Billy Kirby, Ben Spotora, Frey Geoffreux, Scott Kingdom, Chris Harrell, AJ Tisoncik, Patrick Muldoon

Genre: rock with a side of dance

Hometown: Chicago

Check them out: reverbnation.com/workoutmusic

Out for Hours

Members: Frankie Monacella, Chris Ulrich, Paul Wilhelm, Adam Wilhelm, Tim Fullerton, Mark Vazquez

Genre: rock

Hometown: Chicago

Check them out: outforhours.com

Eagle Trace

Members: Max Borgardt, Jack Borgardt, Mitch Borgardt, Cass Borgardt, Phil Bregant

Genre: alternative rock

Hometown: Milwaukee

Check them out: eagletracemusic.com

Passing Ships

Members: Matthew Kayser, joined by Bill Vose, Curtis Schreiber, Pete Durbin and Griffin Baron

Genre: Brit-pop

Hometown: Chicago

Check them out: soundcloud.com/wiredminds

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