New album, new show for Lucky Boys Confusion

Sometimes a break is just a breather.

For Lucky Boys Confusion, longtime veterans of the suburban and Chicago rock scene, it was a chance to figure things out.

LBC — Stubhy Pandav, Adam Krier, Ryan Fergus and Jason Schultejann — announced the release of their new album, “Stormchasers,” set for distribution Saturday, April 15, at a House of Blues concert.

It’s the first album the band is putting together since 2009’s “Closing Arguments,” the unofficial start of a lengthy hiatus for the guys.

“People went and did different things — marriage, children, different projects. It gave us all a chance to find out who we are,” said Pandav, lead singer for the rock band. “When you’re in a band and that’s all you’ve known since you were a teenager, sometimes you need to step back and realize what’s up, what you really want to do with your life.”

The album gets its name from a song on it, “Stormchaser,” which is indirectly responsible for the rebirth of the band.

“I ended up starting a tune, and I knew it had to be a Lucky Boys song,” said Pandav, who grew up in Downers Grove. “I asked Adam about it, and we had to get together and work on it. I think that’s what started us off. So ‘Stormchaser’ did that, and I think it’s kind of cool that a version of that ended up becoming the title of the album, too.”

General admission tickets for the “Stormchasers” release show will go on sale Friday, Jan. 27, with an additional package including a guaranteed CD at the release. Check and for further information and for the release of a first single, due out at the end of February.

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